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Girlfriend and Boyfriend Whatsapp Status in Hindi, Punjabi and English

Girlfriend and Boyfriend Whatsapp Status in Hindi, Punjabi and English
Here are short Romantic Whatsapp Status for Boyfriend or Girlfriend with Beautiful pictures. Best and Most Romantic Whatsapp status in Punjabi, Hindi and English Font for Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Express your love to your boyfriend or girlfriend with these Love Whatsapp Status. At the end of the post read our other related posts and share your experience.

Whatsapp Status for Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Time ruk janda jado tusi menu Kiss karde o
Main apni har morning di starting terian baahan ch lipt ke karna chaundi aa
Tere soft lips te Kiss karn di gal hi wakhri aa
तुम मेरी ज़िंदगी के लिए जरुरी हो ऐसे, जैसे PK के लिए उसका रिमोटवा
My Jaan please close your eyes and I’ll kiss you and Tomorrow I’ll miss you.
My Love is clean and neat. You are really so sweet. When your and my Lips are meet then our Love is complete
Cold weather Hug karn da wadia excuse hai
My heart is so freezing, come close to me and give me some heat of your body.
Pyar karna mere layi breathing warga  hai. How can I stop it…?
Your lovely eyes are the shining stars I’ve ever seen.
Kisi ne mujse pucha, Life kaisi hai? Main muskuraya aur kaha, yes my sweetheart (life) is fine.
Someday_ somewhere _somehow me & you will be together in life..
हर बार हम पर इल्ज़ाम लगा देते हो मोहब्बत का, कभी खुद से भी पूछा है इतने Sweet क्यों हो।
टुकड़े पड़े थे राह में किसी हसीना की तस्वीर के, लगता है कोई दीवाना आज समझदार हो गया..
Mat pucha karo mujhse ki tum mere kya lagte ho Dil k liye dhadkan zaruri hai, or mere liye tum...I Love You So Much!
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